Covid-19 / Dahsar Small Fry Initiative

We did do masks. We made a limited amount for kids. We made them in white 100% cotton and they come with a rainbow pack of color pencils for the kids to draw on. The masks are made in Brooklyn and the color pencils are made in Tokyo. A rainbow connects the world. You can

Covid-19 / Dahsar Small Talk Initiative

Dahsar will be opening the flood gates of our social communication channels whether it is through our direct messages or email to have anyone have a conversation while you are staying in your homes. Mental health plays a huge role in our lives and given the current situation, we know that people may feel anxious,

Covid-19 / Dahsar Small Business Initiative

Dahsar will donate additional funds by matching the amount from our purchases to these small businesses in NYC during the time of Covid-19 through their employee Venmo, GoFundMe, and Patreon accounts. Below are the coffee shops, restaurants, bookshops, independent radio stations, and music venues that we love and adore. Restaurants: Golden Diner – Roar.NY Book